Monday, February 28, 2011

Crepe Cellar - Je suis "not impressed"

This weekend my husband and I decided to have brunch at the Crepe Cellar in No Da.  After all, we had a Groupon for $40 and we figured that we could eat like kings for that much.  I called ahead and the man that answered the phone said that they were not on a wait and that if we headed over, we should get a table, no problem.  We arrived to find the Crepe Cellar a bit crowded, but saw that a table for us was opening up.  Great, we thought!

To make a long story short, the service was terrible.  Diners descended on the Crepe Cellar like locusts shortly after we arrived. There were two waitresses to seat and wait on over 45 people.  Yes, only two!  No hostess! We had to flag the waitresses down for everything - water, coffee, bread.  Luis ordered the French Onion soup as a starter and after 20 minutes of waiting, the waitress came to the table bringing my mussels but no soup.  They just ran out, she said (even though the person at the next table over had just been served a bowl).  It was only 12:30 in the afternoon!  Just ran out? What??  Luckily, the mussels were excellent, marinated in a sweet chili and lemongrass sauce.  We split them.

For our entrees I ordered the wild mushroom and spinach crepe, which was good.  It had goat cheese and carmelized oniions.   Luis order some sort of breakfast sandwich crepe.  He liked it but was not over the moon.  He said the dish made him realize that only sweet things should go in crepes.

Luis then decided to eat like he was on death row and ordered the Bananas Foster for dessert.  I had some spoonfuls and it was delicious.  By that point, though, I was just ready to get out of there.  We had been there forever and I was full and annoyed.  Luis was practically in diabetic shock, which prevented him from catching the fact that the waitress initially charged us for the French Onion soup he never ate.

So, not to be a hater but if you want some French food in your life, to go Lulu on Central Ave.  Sure, there aren't quite so many crepe options, but the services is way better and the food is excellent.  And don't get me wrong, I am all about No Da.  I love the atmosphere there - dreadlocks and all.  I am a hippie at heart.  But I am a stickler for service - a STICKLER.  So, once burned, twice shy.

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