Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday

Top 5 Great Things About Today

(1) Opposing counsel on the West Coast emailed yesterday asking to schedule a call FOR TODAY to go over the legal issues in his Credit Agreement markup.  ON SUNDAY.  Yes, Sunday.  Not a quick, "What's the status on blank" call.  A 150-page Credit Agreement markup call. (Those take HOURS).  I had a panic attack reading the email and feared that the partners I work for might agree to it.  Fortunately, they did not.  No call!  The lonely asshole who clearly has no life will have to wait until tomorrow to talk to us.  Not like I'm not working today anyway ... But, at least I can watch the Heels play.  More on that below.

(2) My husband and I bought an iMac today.  Exciting!  I'm a Mac convert. Love them.

(3) My husband and I both got to have lunch with our dads today.  We ate at George's Brasserie.  Way overly salted.  I'm only now coming down from the head rush.  Disappointing.

(4) Luis is doing the grocery shopping by himself AS WE SPEAK.  Wow.

(5) TAR HEELS IN THE ELITE 8 - They play today at 5:00 pm EST against Kentucky! Go HEELS!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

The New, Sugar-Free Me

After much contemplation, I've decided to significantly reduce my sugar intake.  I read somewhere that women are only supposed to consume 25-35 grams of sugar per day.  That's like, one Dannon Light yogurt!  Are you kidding me?  Sugar is in everything, I've realized and I can feel the way it makes me crave more food.  I'm not sure of all the science behind it, but I realize that it's extremely hard for me to feel satisfied (and not snack) after eating sugar.  So, I'm going sugar-free.  I've reduced my sugar intake now for about 2 weeks and it's not really that bad.  I think I can still keep reducing but to be honest, I am just not ready to give up fruit (which apparently is loaded with sugar).  I mean, fruit is nature's candy.  I can't give it up.

Here's a typical day of eating for me on my new "sugar reduced" program:

Breakfast: 2/3 cup of oatmeal with a spoonful of almond butter.  This is really not that bad.  Before, I couldn't imagine oatmeal without sugar or dried fruit or SOMETHING, but with almond butter it is actually very hearty.

Lunch: salad with tofu

Dessert #1 right after lunch - dark chocolate covered almonds from Harris Teeter.  Guys, giving these up is going to be a struggle.  I am so accustomed to eating sweet things after lunch that it's going to be hard to give that up.  Major withdrawal.  I eat 1/2 a serving, which is only 6 grams of sugar.  Still it's the 2nd ingredient in the food so I know it's got to go.

Snack around 4:00 - Plain greek yogurt with some muesli and an orange.  I know this is a pretty high-sugar snack, but I run out of ideas!

Dinner around 8:30 - Salad with tofu, falafel, some sort of protein.  I've had to seriously curtail the amount of dried cherries on the salad because, as I've discovered, those are basically pure sugar.

Dessert #1 - A FEW chocolate covered almonds.

I'm going to keep updating this blog to reflect how the sugar-free program is going.  So far, I can't complain and it's definitely, definitely decreased my cravings to eat more.  I can stay full longer.   We'll see how it goes!