Saturday, February 12, 2011

Cooking Class: Sauces Part Deux

As a wedding present, my friend Kimberly gave my husband and me a gift certificate to Cooking Uptown. Cooking Uptown is located in Elizabeth (right next to Hawthorne Pizza) and is comprised of a surprisingly large cooking store (a la Williams Sonoma) as well as a complete kitchen and prep area for cooking classes.  We decided to spend our gift certificate by take a cooking class: Sauces Part Deux. We did not attend Sauces Part Une, but that seemed to be of no consequence.

The class was a blast. Luis and I made chicken marsala, trout a la meuniere, and pork medallions with a bourbon apricot sauce. Our chef was Nikki Moore, owner of Food Love, and she was really great - very attentive and helpful. Luis lit some bourbon on fire and she didn't seem to mind. I think she even liked us the best.

Would I go back to Cooking Uptown? Absolutely. Very organized, reasonably priced and very fun.

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